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38 Reasons Why You May Need A Lawyer

Roy Weddleton

What I Do


  • Accident & Personal Injury Law
    • You are injured in an automobile, motorcycle or boat accident that was not your fault.
    • You are injured by a defective product.
    • You are injured by a physician who failed to do something he/she should have.
    Administrative Law
    • You have been denied workers' compensation benefits for an injury at work.
    • You are being sued by the state for breaking some environmental regulations.
    • The State wants to take away your driving privileges.
    • You need a variance before the zoning board.
    Bankruptcy & Debt Collection
    • You simply cannot pay your bills.
    • Your business is good now but you cannot get out from under previous debt.
    Small Business Law
    • You want to start a new business.
    • You want to merge with or buy another business.
    • You want to sell your business.
    • You need help collecting from customers who have not paid you.
    • You are being sued by an employee.
    • You need help in drafting a contract.
    Consumer Rights and Litigation
    • You have had problems with automobile sales and repair, consumer credit, contest scams, door to door sales, debt collection, disputes involving health and fitness clubs, investment scams, mail order sales, product warranties, telephone sales, travel nightmares and unordered merchandise.
    • You find yourself fighting to get the insurance company to pay a fair settlement whether it is automobile, business, disability, health or property insurance.
    DWI & Criminal Law
    • You have been arrested for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI).
    • You were arrested for domestic violence.
    • You were arrested for drug possession.
    • You have been declared an "habitual offender."
    • You were wrongfully cited for speeding.
    • Your child has been charged with a juvenile matter.
    Bankruptcy & Debt Collections
    • Someone owes you money.
    • You owe someone money.
    Divorce & Family Law
    • You want to start divorce proceedings.
    • Your spouse has already started divorce proceedings.
    • You want to have a child support order modified.
    • You are planning to get married for a second time and need pre-marital contracts.
    Wills & Trusts
    • You do not have a will and you have kids.
    • Your parents are elderly and do not have wills or advance directive documents and powers of attorney.
    • You would like a trust to protect your assets.
    • You are the executor of someone's will and they have died.
    • You would like to be appointed as guardian of a family member.
    Real Estate Law
    • You are buying a home.
    • You are selling a home and perhaps want to take back a second mortgage.
    • You have some land and want to develop it.
    • You own an apartment and want a good lease.
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