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"Reasonable Doubt" and "Innocent Until Proven Guilty"
What Does That Mean for You?

Too often we forget that the touchstone of our justice system is the fact that you are innocent until the State proves "beyond a reasonable doubt" you are guilty. In the last year, Attorney Weddleton has obtained a "not guilty" verdict because the police did not have the right to stop the defendant when she drove out from behind a shopping center late at night.

In another case, Attorney Weddleton was able to have the charges dropped because the State kept requesting the trial be re-scheduled because the police officer was unavailable to testify.

Attorney Weddleton obtained a "not guilty" verdict because the State failed to prove one important fact--that the defendant charged with driving while impaired (DWI) was actually the driver of the car.

"Reasonable doubt" and "innocent until proven guilty" are two concepts that are very important is making sure your rights are protected.  Make sure your know your rights.

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