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What A Police Officer Can Ask You If Stopped

Question:  I was stopped the other night by a police officer because my headlight was out and was arrested because of an outstanding parking ticket.  I had no idea what I should do.

Being confronted by a police officer can be a harrowing experience unless you know your rights.

  1. The Officer, in this instance, had a right to stop you because your headlight was out.

  2. The Officer had the right to ask you to identify yourself.

  3. If the Officer had reason to believe you might have a weapon, he would have the right to do a "pat-down" search of your clothing.

  4. You need only tell the officer your name, address and why you are out driving.  You do not have to tell him anything else but if you decline to answer other questions, do so respectfully.

  5. You do not have to perform field sobriety tests, although you will likely lose your driver's license for six months if you refuse.
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