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Arrested for Driving While Impaired (DWI) in New Hampshire
But Licensed in Another State?

One of the reasons New Hampshire does not have a state income tax or sales tax is that we are able to "tax" citizens from other states. One of the methods is through traffic violations.

If you have an out-of state driver’s license and are arrested and charged with DWI in New Hampshire, you face the loss of your driver’s license in your home state.

New Hampshire cannot revoke your out-of-state license, but only your right to operate a motor vehicle in New Hampshire. Your license will be returned to you after you have been booked and processed.

However, eventually your state motor vehicle department will revoke your driver’s license if you are convicted of DWI in New Hampshire. It is also possible that your home state may revoke your license for an administrative loss of license (ALS) in New Hampshire.

Because of something called the Interstate Motor Vehicle Compact, the New Hampshire Department of Safety is obligated to notify your home state of your conviction. Sometimes your home state may impose even a longer license loss than the revocation of your right to operate in New Hampshire; it almost certainly will do so if you have a prior DWI offense in your state.

Every state is different so contact an attorney licensed to practice in your home state.

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