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Do You Know We Provide Employee Legal Assistance?

Roy Weddleton

What I Do

  • Consumer Rights & Litigation

  • Probate Estates

  • Real Estate
  • Wills
  • Advance Directives
  • Powers of Attorney

    For over 20 years, I have made this legal services available to area employees, in a unique program.  Those employees that do not have an attorney know they can call me and ask a legal question at NO COST. 

    The purpose of this is to avoid, or at least minimize, potential legal problems that would adversley affect the workplace. It is also to involved early so that i can help and resolve an issue quickly, effectively and therefore, at lower cost.

    Studies show that the average person is three (3) times more likely to find him or herself in Court than in a hospital.  Likewise, one out of every two Americans will need the advice of an attorney in the next twelve (12) months and nearly half will try to deal with the matter on their own.


    If your employees have easy access to an attorney to help with the everyday legal problems, they are going to be better employees. There will be:

    1. Decreased Absenteeism.  Studies show half the employees who take time off from work do so to deal with legal or legal-related matters.
    2. Increase Productivity.  With an experienced lawyer a phone call away, legal problems won't be fodder for the gossip mill and the often incorrect information from "lunch room lawyers."
    3. Recruit and Retain Employees.  In this  increasingly competitive economy, a legal service benefit at no cost to the employer sets you apart and demonstrates a personal concern for the employer above and beyond just the workplace.
    4. Reduced Worker's Compensation Rates.  The peace of mind having legal representation can help By reduce careless accidents made by distracted employees.

    1. Free legal advice by phone and free 1/2 hour initial consult.
    2. Fee reduction of 20% for any matter  for which an Attorney is retained.
    3. Basic will package for employees consisting of a simple will, advance directives and financial Power of Attorney.
    4. Peace of mind.
    If you have questions or want additional information,
    call Attorney Weddleton at 603-228-1360 or e-mail him
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