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Roy Weddleton

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  • It should be obvious that the reason for this web site is to introduce our law firm and to make you want to call and hopefully hire us. However, as lawyers we have to be very careful about information over the internet. Accordingly,

    1. The information on this site is not intended, nor does it, create an attorney-client relationship. That is for your protection as well as ours. You do not want to inadvertently waive the lawyer–client privilege by divulging sensitive information over the internet.
    2. So, that mean don’t send us any confidential information until we expressly agree that we have any attorney-client relationship with you. We have to first check whether we have a conflict of interest with another client. So it is always best and safe to keep it confidential until we say it’s okay to send stuff to us.
    3. The sites that we link to are not under our control and we obviously are not responsible for the content of those sites.
    4. Finally, things change fast these days, which means that content on the web site can become outdated quickly. We try to keep it updated but politicians are always adding changes to the law. That means we can’t guarantee that everything is timely or even accurate so don’t rely on it.

    Despite this disclaimer, we hope that you will find check out our entire website, and, if needed, contact and hire us.

    If you have questions or want additional information,
    contact Attorney Weddleton at
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