Roy Weddleton
  Concord, NH 03301

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Roy Weddleton

What I Do


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           The time has come to retire.  If all goes well I plan to officially be retired by the end of July 2021.  While I have completed all my client work, any original Wills and/or Advance Directives are now located at Curtin Law Office 40 Bay Street, Manchester, N.H.  603-669-7700  
    If you need updating or any specific estate planning questions, I cannot say enough good things about  Attorney Phillip Curtin.  This is the only type of law he dies. He is excellent and frankly a really nice guy.  

        As for other legal matters, I know excellent lawyers who specialize and can be of great help to you in more complex matters.  In particular, although I no longer do any divorce work, I  highly  recommend Rousseau Law & Mediation a559 Pembroke Street, Pembroke, NH  (603) 715-2824

     Please do not hesitate to email me and ask for a referral.


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