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Be aware my law firm is not associated in any way with a virtual law firm in California that uses the name "Granite-Law". They get away with it by using the dash between granite and law.  They refer clients to another New Hampshire firm to help with foreclosure matters and workouts.  However, they just settled with the New Mexico Attorney General for deceptive trade practices.

If you have a legal question about New Hampshire law, use this site to find some information and don't be afraid to Contact me by e-mail ( to see if I can help. I do not charge for an initial consult on New Hampshire law.

An experienced attorney can solve your matter more easily and cheaply if you contact me early. So when you initially call me, t
he meter is not running.

I am a certified attorney for the HYATT Legal Plan; ARAG Legal Services, AARP; Legal Access, Workplace Benefits and U.S. Legal Services.

I want you to contact me ASAP without concern for the
expense. While legal representation is not cheap, failure to defend or prosecute your rights is always more expensive.
If you end up needing to hire me, I will work with you on a payment schedule we can both live with. 

I try to update this website frequently so be sure to visit often. If you would like to discuss a potential case involving New Hampshire law, please feel free to e-mail me at or call 603-228-1360.

I want to hear from you about any questions you may have about NEW HAMPSHIRE law. You may reach me by calling us at (603) 228-1360 or by submitting your question using this online form below. If you need directions to my office, call us or take a look at our location map.

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If you have questions or want additional information,
call Attorney Weddleton at 603-228-1360 or e-mail him
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